Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Elon Musk, head honcho at electric car maker Tesla, gets pissed that a customer complained about the boss's tardiness to an event, and bans the poor man from ever buying a Tesla model X

The ban hammer falls.

But then Elon should have a bit of humility here.  Being chronically late is itself a sign of disrespect, and he should not be so thin-skinned to react so harshly.

The golden boy CEO  personally cancelled venture capitalist Stewart Alsop’s order for a Model X after Alsop called him out for showing up almost two hours late to the official launch event for the CUV.
If you follow Musk, his habitual tardiness should come as no surprise. Still, it didn’t sit well with Alsop. He took to Medium, the Internet’s all-the-rage op-ed page, to complain.
“It probably won’t matter that you screwed up this event completely,” Mr. Alsop carped in a shaming rant directly addressed to Musk last September. “It would still be nice if you showed some class and apologized to the people who believe in this product.”   
Big mistake, Alsop. Musk’s the boss and he’ll do as he pleases. Not only do get you no apology, you get no Model X. How’s that for showing “some class”?

However, there is no law preventing the angry customer from using a straw man to get his model X.  Problem solved!  Way too easy, and then the aggrieved fellow can rub it in Elon's face.

No model X for you!

Until Mr. Alsop gets his brother in law to buy one and then immediately resell to him.  Then, pose for a picture and send it out on social media.  Revenge is best served cold.