Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cool, but very threatening at the same time.

Should email this to all the ISIS guys, and say, "With love, from Uncle Sam."


  1. This sort of ordnance on target must be experienced to be appreciated.

  2. We called this ordinance, "Snake-eye." Standard high explosive GP bomb that has high drag fin stabilizer attached instead the normal fins. These allow the aircraft to make a low altitude pass over the target area. When a bomb is released from the rack, it tends to be going the same speed as the aircraft. The high drag fin assembly slows the bomb down enough for the aircraft to pass beyond the fragment pattern upon explosion. Otherwise, the aircraft could become a casualty of it's own bomb run.

    When combined with napalm on the same run, it was known as "Snake & Nape." Always a spectacular show.

    1. Slicks or snakes with the retarding fins helped to disperse the napalm even farther.