Saturday, February 6, 2016

A man sucked out of a hole in a Somali airliner appears to have been a suicide bomber - who managed to kill only himself

A Daallo Airlines flight had been in the air over Somalia for only five minutes when a hole opened in the fuselage, sucking one man out of the plane and killing him.

The Jihadi sized hole

The middle-aged man’s charred body was found in the Balcad area of Somalia, roughly 30 miles north of the city of Mogadishu, where the plane made an emergency landing after the explosion. Two others aboard the plane were injured.

The man who died after being sucked out of a Somali passenger jet in midair on 

Monday appears to have been the person who detonated the bomb, reports the Wall 

Street Journal.

Citing a diplomatic source, the Journal’s Heidi Vogt writes that the man was able to 

“bypass rigorous security screening in Mogadishu” by arriving to the airport in a

 wheelchair. The source said the man was loaded onto the plane in the wheelchair and 

then moved to a regular seat. Five minutes after takeoff he then would have detonated

 the bomb and been sucked by the escaping pressurized air through the hole in the 


Sounds like the muslims got their man on the plane with a bomb, but screwed 

everything else up.   It's a good thing they aren't rocket scientists, these muslims.   

Gotta stop marrying those cousins, generation after generation.


  1. We need for the dead jihadi to receive a Darwin Award.

  2. Show this picture to those that say a bullet hole will cause the plane to crash.


  3. They're going to need a bigger Muzzie to plug THAT hole.

  4. On the one hand, if they stop marrying their cousins, generation after generation, they may be able to reverse the detrimental effects of such behavior upon their intelligence, and get themselves to the point where they can think and reason and maybe see their way clear to join the community of nations, which could be a good thing. On the the other hand, if they keep marrying their cousins, generation after generation, thus (apparently) continuing the decline of their level of intelligence perhaps they will become so stupid as to not be a problem anymore.

  5. Did the airport security fondle his balls? That's what has saved us all here in the US.

  6. I love a story with a happy ending !!!!

  7. There is a difference between smart and clever. These Sand Fleas ain't real bright but they can be clever bastards.