Friday, January 27, 2023

Intensity and Concentration



  1. At the mercy of their coaches as we are finding out.

    1. Maybe not for you, but my coaches in competitive sports coaxed more out of me than I thought I had.
      My brother, at one time the 2nd fastest swimmer in the nation, thought the same.
      The Olympic water polo players I knew all thought the same.

      But please tell us more how the individual is exploited (in the negative sense) by their coaches.

    2. I guess it is different where there are female hard bodies tumbling all around, trusting their coach, the lusting coach taking advantage of that trust.

      Right, like that's happening everywhere instead of the few overly dramatized occurrences.

      As if every rider in the Tour d'France is a deceitful Lance Armstrong. Yeah, you can't trust those atheletes and their coaches.

    3. IIRC, dozens of riders at the head of the pack were caught juicing.
      You might want to pick a better example. :O

  2. Totally aware of where their body is in space at any one instant, and where it is going. At least the good ones.

  3. She was just about to catch the bar.

    And then that damned camera flash went off right in her face...