Wednesday, November 24, 2021




  1. I thought it would be fun too, until I got one. Then I found out the mosquito's eat you death in the summer and in the winter the lenses fog up. They are very sensitive, so, you have to find the target with the little one, then zero in with the big one. The knobs are actually mounted on stiff cables to lessen vibration while you're turning them. Mine goes up to 300X.

    1. @ghostsniper

      Sell it if you haven't already and buy a UniSteller EV or a Vaonis Stellina--look them up and watch videos about their use. both use an iPad or iPhone (or equivalent) to view image not an optical eye piece. Nebulas are viewed by computer (built in) stacking of multiple images.

      Dan Kurt

    2. I had a friend do a camo job on it and I use it as a spotter scope.