Monday, May 18, 2020

Tallahassee Lassie


  1. Good Lord, but I do love a Jug. Hub Zemke would be proud of you.

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  3. I am still wondering about the politics behind the decision in 1946 to trash the P-47 and keep the P-51. certainly not an economics question; the P-47 was a less expensive aircraft to maintain and operate and a very effective fighter bomber while not as susceptible to to damage from ground fire as the P-51 and better flexibility in mission loadouts. Very little was written about the decision nor were any congressional investigations or querrys undertaken. yeah, yeah, jets were the coming thing, but they had the aircraft on hand. to this day, except for the F-22, everything in the inventory is multi mission capable.
    still, there was justice done by Republic Aircraft. F-84 series.