Thursday, May 21, 2020

Not too far off from what I actually made this morning (corned beef hash with salsa, ham, covered in sharp melted cheddar, and two over easy eggs on top, all in the old Griswold skillet).


  1. Do you have a recipe/instructions for how to make this?

  2. Heat about twice the amount of butter you otherwise would consider normal in a cast iron skillet.
    Sautee onions, chopped tomatoes and mild peppers.
    Add corned beef from a can.
    Mix and heat.
    Chop ham up and mix in
    Cover with shredded cheese.
    While the cheese is melting, cook two eggs in another skillet.
    Take the corned beef mix out and place onto plate. Then, remove the eggs and put them on top. If you break the yolks and they soak in, so much the better.
    Voila, breakfast!

  3. Hat off. You cook and eat like king. If I was a Hobo I would mark your fence .

  4. Maybe not a Hobo, but I've marked your site and catch it every night. We (I) don't thank your great work often enough. Thank you very much. Definitely not a time waster!

  5. The cheddar has to be nippy. That is a MUST. Otherwise, why bother?

  6. Now I feel as though my breakfast smoothie has been disrespected.