Wednesday, May 20, 2020



  1. DEFINITELY not a Ducati Diavel.

  2. Moto Guzzi, ~'73 to ~'80, 750 to 1000cc v-twin, two valve pushrod.

    I'm guessing vintage racing? AHRMA? I'm assuming that is why it has wire spoke wheels with disc brakes. Not a good choice, since running tubes in tubeless tires causes them to run hot.

    I suspect the fairing design causes cooling issues for the cylinders/heads.

    The missing tail loop of the frame may allow flexing, causing poor handling.

    Those wimpy front forks are a major handling problem. Can't run two sticky tires, as they have too much flex. One race compound tire, your choice of front or rear, depending on hp and riding style.

    It desperately needs a fork brace. Plus the swingarm needs bracing. The frame needs a LOT of bracing.

    The exhaust system and brake pedal are too low, and will drag.

    I can also guess the flywheel/clutch assembly is too heavy. Hard to find a machine-shop that will remove enough metal. Need to start with the ~'73 750 Sport flywheel for best weight reduction. It will still be too heavy.

    The head design is terrible. Needs a LOT of aluminum welded into the ports to make power. My porting guy refused to do any more Guzzi heads after the first set. Too much work. Made BIG hp! Could spin the tire in third gear. Powerband ran from 3500 to 8000!