Saturday, April 20, 2019

Why is the economy booming and unemployment at decade lows? Partly because of stuff like this

With plans to cut $18 billion worth of regulations in fiscal year 2019, which ends in September, the administration is poised to boost that to $33 billion, according to a mid-year review by the budget watchdog American Action Forum.

What’s more, the administration is moving toward a regulatory cut that the review said would cut an additional $561 billion, 31 times this year’s goal.

Despite the current net cost figure, the administration appears poised to see net savings on the back end of FY 2019. The overwhelmingly largest component of the upcoming deregulation is the Environmental Protection Agency’s expected repeal of the ‘Clean Power Plan,’ with $51.6 billion in currently estimated total ‘avoided costs.’ Other rules with notable cost reductions include a pair of significant rules also affecting energy production as well as the first stage of the administration’s reconsideration of the ‘Water of the United States’ rule.


  1. I'm in the chem engineering field. Years back, we had an issue with a certain env regulation. We contacted the guy that actually wrote it, asking how it was going to be enforced. He shrugged and said he didn't know, enforcement was another dept. We said there wasn't any current technology to comply and he said that wasn't his problem. We eventually figured out a solution, but it was considerably time and money that didn't have any benefit to the env. From a real world perspective, those regulations are killing productivity and hurting industry. 100% in support of what Trump is doing. MAGA!!!!

  2. President Trump is a practical businessman. We’ve needed one in charge for a long time

  3. I'm an actual engineer that worked on trying to certify truck diesels to CAT III and IV. CAT III added $5000 to the cost of a new truck and required the fitment of a particulate trap. This trap had to be purged every once in a while by being heated up to 1200 degrees to burn out the trapped carbon. Very easy to set your truck on fire doing that. CAT IV is even worse and forced some diesel manufactures to get out of the on road diesel market.

    As to the Waters of the United States, that closed our skeet/trap range for a while. It seems that causal water in the shot drop field was considered "navigable" by the EPA. Except that it evaporated shortly after the rainstorm. We ended up spending a few 100 thou mitigating our way out of that. So good riddance to regulation.