Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Not a Snowflake


  1. She looks stunningly dangerous, but on the other hand, she's a blond and she hasn't learned how to tie her boots yet.

  2. She needs a forearm bracer to protect her arm from having the bow string shave off skin, but she’s pretty.

  3. I think the arrow should be on 'this' side of the bow.

  4. Three finger release, arrow goes on the body side of bow.
    Thumb ring release, arrow goes on the non-body side of bow.
    Don't know for mechanical releases, never have used one.

    If you hold the bow correctly, the string won't slap your arm.
    Though I understand it is easier for men to hold the bow so the string doesn't slap the arm. Either wrist strength or shoulder geometry, I forget which.

    I do recommend new archers wear a bracer. Once you are experienced you can decide for yourself. And make sure the arm guard is long enough for your arm, getting a roll of skin caught between the string and the bracer hurts more than no bracer at all.