Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wow, look at those gas prices!


  1. A nice looking 1960 Ford Falcon! Actually I have no idea about the year... about the car or the gasoline attendant :-)

  2. You poor bastards on the left coast actually pay that much for the garbage they make you use instead of gasoline?
    Had a '63 ranchero. took a head on from a 1968 chrysler station wagon. hit me so hard on a city street it punched the drive shaft thru the pumpkin. the hood came thru the windshield and ripped out the headliner and exited the rear glass into the bed. both knees got punched by all those cute little knobs thoughtfully placed just right. thankfully my throat was involved with the steering wheel at the time so the lobotomy had to wait for a few more years. it is always a reminder to me to wear the damn seat belts every damn time. ya never know when the finger is pointed your way.
    yeah, cute falcon. but I'll never ride in one again.

  3. So... this was yesterday in California?

    1. Still under $4 a gallon!

  4. The car is remarkably well-preserved, and so is the lady if she's the age of the car!

  5. Sorry, I didn't notice the gas prices, I was too busy looking at those horrific oil spots on the cement. They reminded me of my own old Ford Falcon. I could check the tire tread on the LF tire anytime while driving, just by looking down.

  6. Day-umm! outstanding drive train and chassis.