Friday, April 26, 2019

Joey Heatherton


  1. The best of the Go-Go dancers.

  2. Enjoy my friends...Enjoy....

  3. In April 1969, Heatherton married Lance Rentzel, a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, in New York City.[17] In November 1970, Rentzel was arrested for exposing himself to a 10-year-old girl.[18] He pleaded guilty to the charge and promised to undergo psychiatric treatment. Rentzel was given a suspended sentence. Heatherton filed for divorce in September 1971 and her career lost its luster; some say she never recovered from the psychic shock of Rentzel’s offense.[19] It became final in 1972.[17]

    In July 1985, she was arrested and charged with theft of services for refusing to pay a $4,906 bill from a hotel and spa in Long Island where she stayed in 1984. She pleaded not guilty to the charge.[20]

    On July 8, 1985, she was arrested and charged with interfering with a government agent's duties and disturbing the peace after she allegedly slapped and pulled the hair of a clerk at Manhattan's U.S. Passport Agency office.[21][22] She was acquitted of both charges in September 1986.[21]

    On August 30, 1986, Heatherton was arrested for assault in Hillcrest, Rockland County, New York, after she stabbed Jerry Fisher, her former boyfriend and ex-manager, in the hand with a steak knife during an argument. Fisher was later treated at a local hospital and released.[23] After her arrest, Heatherton told police who she was, but they did not believe her. She then handed one of the officers her purse to verify her identity. While looking through Heatherton's purse, the officer found a foil packet with less than a gram of cocaine. Heatherton was charged with assault and misdemeanor drug possession. Jerry Fisher later dropped the charge of assault against Heatherton. In October 1987, a court ruled that the search was unconstitutional as Heatherton was not advised that she could refuse a purse search. As a result, the misdemeanor drug possession was dropped.[24]

    1. What a tragic life, for such a beautiful and talented woman. Sad.

  4. Man, back when I was 12-13 years old she just torched my fire alarms. Total Hottie!!