Thursday, April 25, 2019



  1. On a motorcycle you turn corners leaning into the turn, so your body is inline with the bike & centripetal force pushes your butt harder onto the seat. Here, it's like a car, there's no leaning- so that same centipetal force would tend to push you out of the seat, in the opposite direction to your turn.

    So the babe should be wearing a seatbelt, it seems to me! And a helmet wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    I'd rather have a motorcycle, but I must say it looks neat!

    1. The Dutch Carver might be right up your alley.

    2. Wow, that Carver looks fascinating all right! But I did a search for how much they cost, and the only one I found was in Germany with the asking price of over $50,000- so I won't be buying one today!

  2. Doesn't look any better from those angles than it did in the rearview shot ya posted first.