Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Ice Age approaches

California Snowpack at 162% of Average, 4th-Highest Ever.

“Department of Water Resources officials announced a measurement of 106.5 inches of snow at Phillips Station, good for a snow-water equivalent of 51 inches,” the Sacramento Bee reports. Phillips Station itself was actually at 200 percent of normal.

Los Angeles enduredits coldest February in 60 years, when the temperature never reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time ever.

Water flows down the Oroville Dam spillway in Oroville, Calif., Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

But of course, the authorities can't let a good hysteria die a natural death, so they caution that "Despite the heavy precipitation, state and local authorities continue to plan for the next drought. Whether through climate change or a reversion to the historic norm after the unusually wet 19th and 20th centuries, California is likely to be drier in future — and will almost certainly face greater demands on scarce water resources, regardless."

Everyone look at the sky, it's falling.

The demands on water resources come from population growth, coupled with an inability of the political class to organize and fund construction of new water storage.


  1. All that water wasted, running out to to the Pacific...

  2. well, if global warming gets any worse, losanglese will need to put on a sweater...