Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Socialist Venezuela today. That's money in the gutter totally worthless.


  1. Let's get Bernie a broom and send his ass to Caracas to sweep up after his posse and fellow thugs.

  2. Venezuela: The Premier oil-wealth country, now leading the world in the reduction of carbon-based emissions. For all the wrong reasons. Welcome to Socialism.

  3. So not even good for wiping your ass? I could see it being used as TP, then sent back to the government to recycle.

    1. on the up side, wipe your ass with it and you have increased it's intrinsic value two fold.
      on the down side, after you wipe your ass with it, you have nowhere to flush it because the water is off.
      one could leave the soiled waste in the gutter as they do in sanfransisco and la. but the people of venezuela have more pride of self than that.

  4. Cederq, you beat me to it. Maybe they do it like the hardcore muzz-----commando-style.