Monday, April 15, 2019

Dog is rescued after it's found swimming 135 MILES out at sea: Oil rig workers pluck pooch from Gulf of Thailand - and have no idea how it got there

They called out to the exhausted animal - which is between three and five years old - and she swam towards them, taking refuge among the rusty metal bars of the rig.
She stayed on the drilling platform for two nights while a special cage was welded together and staff gave her food and water.
The dog was finally lifted by crane on to another oil vessel passing through the area yesterday. She was taken to vets in Songkhla, southern Thailand, today.
Oil rig worker Khon Vitisak, who saved the animal, said he does not know how she came to be in the ocean but he would like to adopt her if no owner comes forward.


  1. Other pictures of the dog clearly show that it is a "he".

  2. It was in Thailand. Over there "chicks" with balls is not exactly uncommon

  3. There's a sunken boat somewhere close. Would be funny if the boat was full of local pirates.

  4. Somewhere there's a dude that can throw a tennis ball 134.1 miles but can't find his dog.

  5. Damn. That might've worked if I had typed 135.1 like I intended. My dogs don't care that I can't type.