Sunday, June 17, 2018

If only it were mine: 65 Satellite

Just love the hardtop styling here.


  1. You could eat a fancy feast right from that engine - but it would leave it a mess and the whole car would smell like breakfast for months.

    1. If breakfast was bacon, that might be a feature, not a bug. And it would keep the muslims away.

  2. Nice to see someone spend an extra couple of dollars for the OEM engine dressings instead of the cheap looking Edelbrock crap.

  3. my first car was a 64 Plymouth Sport Fury, very similar. Great car with room to live in the trunk, push-button transmission selector on the dash, 318 under the hood. Wish I had one just like it now.

  4. My dad had a 65 dodge coronet (same body style) new from the dealership same year I was born. 383 4-speed. Somewhere along the line he slipped in a 440 magnum. By the time I hit 15, I was dying to take it out. I could light the tires up, any gear, any speed, and absolutely smoke them. It ran low 13s in the quarter, and I had tons of fun running street races against any and all. Great ride.