Saturday, June 9, 2018

Good guys at work: Country Time Lemonade will pay the fines for kids who run afoul of foul bureaucrats while operating a lemonade stand.

Last summer in the U.K. a 5-year-old- girl was hit with a $200 fine for not having an operating license for her lemonade stand. Similar stories have popped up in the United States over the years, which has led many to realize local government bureaucracies and licensing can get out-of-hand.
Helping would be to identify all government scum who actually take official action agains kids running a lemonade stand, and then terminate their employment and benefits, vested or not, immediately.  
The shriveled up and dried out souls we call government bureaucrats need to know that for some types of stupidity, there will be consequences. Unpleasant consequences.
But paying the fines and helping kids in their fight to sell lemonade from a street corner is a good start.

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  1. Actually Countrytime paying the fines is a win win for the nasty apparatchiks in control. They get OUR MONEY...(the consumer ultimately pays for Countrytimes generosity) and they STAY IN POWER. Want to "make them pay"? Hang them. Until .gov bureaucrats are forced to pay PERSONALLY for there abuses they gave no reason to change their minds think.