Sunday, May 14, 2017

Radical feminists find out an awful truth. No one cares.

The five-year-old website, Everyday Feminism, has created an “Emergency May Booster Fund” to fend off “scary financial trouble that’s threatening to put a halt to our work — maybe even as soon as the end of May.”

“It’s quite a challenge, to say the least, to create independent, intersectional feminist media in a financially sustainable way, especially in a world that doesn’t value what we do,” the cash solicitation also says.

"Scary" financial trouble?  Please.  Produce something people will pay for or perish.  Join the rest of us in the real world.


  1. Maybe they can have a bake sale

  2. Whatever they bake will probably taste like Birkenstocks.

  3. They've obviously ignored the classic "feminist" solution, embraced by Jane Fonda, Andrea Mitchell, Gloria Steinem, and a host of other Heroines Of The Movement:

    Marry a rich husband.

  4. I am almost tempted to contribute. It is a source of high comedy at times...

  5. "....especially in a world that doesn’t value what we do."

    I think they already know what the problem is.