Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pretty much true


  1. I seriously doubt if ANY of my four "granddaughters" even know HOW to string a bean (or shell lima's or shuck corn, etc)!

  2. And down on "Mill Creek Church rd.' just short of the Church was "The Pea Sheller!!" He had a 5 foot by 14 foot drum made of 1/4" grid wire and plywood that rotated and "shelled" all yer' string beans and the like!! In the Spring time when the peas were bloomin'!! Just south/east of Roseboro, NC.... skybill

  3. I use to "snap green beans" with my mother back in the day while having a soothing conversation with her. It was time well spent. Now the "new age" kids use cellphones and "spinners" while building up to a hyper hissy-fit and blame it on autism.

    1. Perhaps. I'd give anything to know.
      The two of us are off to Maine to join a third and we always shell peas together as we sit above the river and look out into the western sky as the sun slowly starts to set. It's relaxing. 45 years ago we (all of us) grew up shelling peas and slicing beans with grammie. My nephews got to do it with their grandmother. My daughter, not so much. Waited a little long to get started in that department.

  4. I have fond memories of shelling peas and snapping green bean with my Grandmother.
    She used to get frustrated with me because I would eat more of the fresh peas than I would put in the bowl.
    I love fresh peas to this day.

    Kids are definitely missing out on this experience but at the same time, so are many Grandmothers these days who don't do any canning.