Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Government run amok. This is in Australia. All up in your face and in your business. Revolution against this chit should be required of all free men and women.

Notice the false concern, the threat to fine you if you don't obey Leviathan, and the invitation to "Log your Jog."  Next, you'll be required to tell the authorities before you're allowed to jog at all, and pay a fee.

Finally, there are an additional four signs in the background.  More rules.  Likely more threats. And it isn't about liability. State authorities give themselves immunity from liability all the time.


  1. Attached is a link showing the rule is not real.

    1. If that's true then thank God. I had begun to lose hope for our Australian brothers and sisters.

  2. They left "scissors" off the running sign.

  3. What bullshit! is this a parody??

  4. While that particular sign is fake (probably intended to highlight the huge number of similar laws that aren't) there's no denying that Australia is a Nanny State.

    I lived in Western Australia for many years. When the bicycle helmet laws were originally passed, I noticed that the large number of elderly people who had been riding bicycles stopped doing so. On Pension Payment day, lots of women were used to riding to the hairdressers or to go shopping, accompanied by many older men. Lots of adult tricycles were once seen too. No more.

    It was like someone waved a magic wand, and all those bicylists were gone. The women didn't want to spoil their hairdos with a helmet, and the men (many vets of foreign wars) thought that helmets were sissy, and refused to wear them.

    I'm sure they are all a lot safer now since they don't go out. The next step will be to get people to sleep under their beds; terrible danger of falling out of bed, you know. Or the sky might fall.