Saturday, May 27, 2017

Black panthers have spots, but you can only see them with an infrared camera

Or, when the light is just right.  That is one luxurious pelt.


  1. They're apex predators of a high order.

  2. Cats are fascinating- well-adapted predators in the wild, as pets those instincts lurk just beneath a veneer of domestication.
    Thanks for posting these, C.W. They prompted me to take a closer look at cat camo.

    I have a Leopard skin, shot by a relative in the early 1900s. It is nearly 10 feet long and mounted on a wall in my home. Quite startling to first-time visitors.

    My HouseCat #3 is a gray tabby. The individual hairs have alternating bands of color- gray, white, tan and black. In the black striped areas each hair terminates in a black band, in other areas the tip colors vary at random.

    HC #1 was an all-black shorthair, a mighty huntress. As she matured, subtle but distinct black tiger stripes became visible on her coat. These were noticeable only in bright sunlight. A beautiful Cat.
    RIP, Flimsy.

    The Leopard's coat is short and coarse with rather stiff fur each of a single color: spots are a dark coffee brown, the rest is tawny-colored.

    Hope this didn't bore you.