Sunday, May 28, 2017

Offbeat but fun. Dr. Irving Finkel, one of the few living humans who can sight read cuneiform letters, plays the Royal Game of Ur, which was first played 45OO years ago.

A crazy, wild haired professor for sure, who deciphered the rules from a cuneiform tablet, vs. a clean cut young youtuber Tom Scott.  Very fun to watch.

Via The History Blog


  1. It could also be adapted to a drinking game.

  2. That was delightful, and it looks like a cracker of a game!

    Long ago, I used to have battles with my Pappy (grandfather) over Parcheesi; this reminded me of the fun I used to have then. Sadly, my kids & grandkids are too far away to enjoy board games with me right now- but maybe sometime in the future!

  3. That was fascinating to watch. Fed my love of history and my inner game-playing geek. I'd love to have my own.