Monday, December 29, 2014

The Cyr Wheel

This guy decided to document his first 30 days learning to use the wheel.

 Cyr wheels are typically made of aluminum tubing. Usually a 1.5” diameter tubing with 1/8” sidewall 6061 aluminum is used. Generally they are made in 3 or 5 individual pieces, and connect with inserts. The inserts can be made out of solid aluminum or steel (either tubing or solid). They are then painted, and covered with a plastic PVC covering to add friction, and protect the metal. Smaller wheels spin faster, work better for smaller spaces, and make "no hand" tricks easier than larger wheels. Larger wheels are more graceful and there is more room for suspensions.

Via Tai Wiki Widbee


  1. It actually looks like fun. I didn't think of it in that way until I watched this video.

    1. Especially after you've reached a level of some competency. I wonder if they make their own wheels, or whether there is some cottage industry somewhere putting them together?