Saturday, December 27, 2014

"His hands are very soft," she said.

Sometimes, it's just hard to believe what you read.
Apparently, the administration uses inexperienced, youthful volunteers to drive vans in the presidential motorcade.
  "SAN FRANCISCO — Shortly after President Obama landed here one fall day for fund-raisers, his motorcade pulled out of the airport and raced at 80 miles per hour down an empty freeway to his hotel in the city.
At the front of the procession were bulletproof black sport utility vehicles and limousines driven by Secret Service agents who had spent hundreds of hours learning how to maneuver at high speeds.
Bringing up the rear were police cars with their lights flashing and a Secret Service ambulance that follows the president wherever he travels.
And in between were several vans filled with White House staff members and journalists, being piloted by volunteers like Natalie Tyson, a 24-year-old Bay Area graduate student wearing fluorescent orange sunglasses.
“Wow,” she exclaimed as she hit the gas and the van lurched within a few feet of the one in front of it. Then she slammed on the brake. Then she hit the gas again.
“Sorry about that,” she said.
She returned her hands to the textbook 2-and-10 positions on the steering wheel."
A disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me, and another bit of evidence of the amateur nature of this White House.
  "Privately, Secret Service officials said they did not use agents or uniformed personnel to drive the vans because it was not the agency’s responsibility to protect the White House staff members or journalists. White House officials said they were forced to use volunteers because staff members needed to be with the president at all times, and reporters demand that they travel with the president wherever he goes."
Right, the administration is "forced" to use volunteers.  So they want us to believe that the leader of the world's most powerful nation, one that can project overwhelming military power anywhere on the earth,  and that has been to the moon, can't do better than hire college kids to drive in the presidential motorcade?  A cheap excuse for being cheap, I guess.
   "For the former Secret Service agent, Mr. Emmett, it is still a troubling practice.“If the motorcade ever comes under fire, it’s going to be a problem,” he said. “There are so many non-law-enforcement vehicles that it’s going to be a goat rope. Everyone will be responding, police officers and the Secret Service, and it will be all these people running around in a panic like the last scene of the ‘Blues Brothers’ movie, when there’s the big police chase that ends in a wreck of 50 police cars.”
Indeed.   It's hard to believe how totally incompetent this misadministration is.  While they can go to the trouble to clear major highways for the president, they can't find a professional driver for multiple vans in the presidential motorcade, putting the entire entourage at risk should someone seriously dangerous like Al Qaeda come knocking.   Just completely off the hook.  


  1. They could hire professional limo drivers, but when you look at the people who surround Obama, they're all kids too. A good friend of mine briefed the White House on serious issues on a near daily basis and said that the only people there were twenty-something liberal pukes fresh out of progressive ivy league schools . That's now it works. So their judgement when it comes to hiring and staffing would be "why not use a volunteer" or "somebody like me".

    1. It just makes me shake my head. One one side, the Secret Service takes extraordinary precautions to protect the president, as they should. On the other side, they let total kids, with no training and little instruction, right into the middle of the mix. Frankly it's bizarre.