Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Open Road

Or, the art of the escape.


  1. # 7. The atlas. And dreams of adventure.

  2. They're all inspiring today. And in honor of them, I may go shop at Bass Pro Shop and buy something for my next escape. I'm not quite sure what that is -- but I'm sure that I will be inspired just by walking through the door. We don't have a Cabella's in SoCal. Bass Pro Shop is as close to a Disneyland for guys as you can get here.

    1. I think that I do need to vote. #1 and #9 - the latter because the idea of being in a land rover with a woman sounds -- fun. Afternoon delight. The FJ-40 diesel crossing the river just ticks me off that we can't own diesels here in the USA.

  3. Good stuff Cee Dub, I'm gonna have to hand you my beer while I navigate that FJ 45 across that Alaskan river of death.