Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just switch to Scotch.

Apparently there is a whiskey shortage in North America, which is motivating lovers of Bourbon to stock up.

  "It began two years ago, when Mr. Johnson and his brother-in-law heard of an alleged bourbon shortage. He has been making monthly liquor and diaper runs ever since."
“It scared us and fear is a motivating factor,” said Mr. Johnson, a 36-year-old managing partner of Old Colony Furniture, who now has a stash of about 50 bottles of bourbon. The collection, he says, grew out of an urge to make sure there would never be a time “I wanted bourbon and couldn’t get it.” After a while, he says, the habit “took on a life of its own.”
  "Panic has gripped bourbon enthusiasts across the country, and they are amassing stockpiles of it, hoping to guard against shortages and price hikes."
  "Greg Gilbert of Lovettsville, Va., built a basement bunker for his 700 bottles of bourbon. He also joined a private club so he could bypass retailers and buy barrels straight from distillers. Joe Conner, a warehouse worker from Rockford, Ill., created a spreadsheet for his 120 bottles of bourbon so he could keep track of what he had bought, what he had opened and what he needed to purchase."
I totally sympathize with that sentiment, but still, what's the matter with switching to a fine single malt?
                                                                   My choice: Oban.

I have this bottle stashed at the office in case of "emergencies."

Avoid the price gouging the local distillers are enjoying by creating this false sense of scarcity, although I do stand impressed with some of the booze stashes these guys have amassed.  Enjoy a glass of Oban, and you'll have found your favorite drink, guaranteed.


  1. Glenmorangie
    25 Years Old

    If I have to pick a favorite.

    Oban is a delicious, smokey scotch and were it not for Glenmorangie 25, I'd be right with you on the Oban 14.

    If I hadn't just bought a Christmas present for you and shipped it, I'd have bought you the Genmorangie just so you'd have a new favorite.

    1. My birthday is coming up. ;-)

      I'll put the Glenmorangie on my list of "Scotch to buy." A BevMo is just down the street.

    2. You may have to order the older distillate, but you'll be happy that you did.

      Even if it turns out not to be your favorite, BEWARE, God will strike you if you blend it with 7UP and serve it over ice --- or make a smoothie with that as an ingredient.

    3. God, and a whole bunch of other!

      Even I, who no longer imbibe, cringe when someone dares to mention adulterating fine spirits.


    4. It's not really drinking, Uncle Skip.

      I don't drink either. But with fine single malt it's a sip...and another you watch the world pass and the clouds move.

  2. I am working on a bottle of Cardhu. It was a sad moment when I finished my bottle of thirty year old Glenrothes.

  3. Just finished a bottle of Bunnahabhain 12 year old and I'm missing it sorely. It quickly moved up in the top 5 of my favorites.

  4. the old addage is that burbon drinkers dont drink scotch..and scotch drinkers dont drink burbon.
    asking a burbon drinker to enjoy a fine scotch of any age/blend/flavor is like asing a dog to enjoy a fine cup of coffee....and burbon drinkers feel the same about you.

    1. Not me, I happily enjoy both. Just started a bottle of Buffalo Trace.

  5. When I first read this, I thought it was from the Onion.

  6. Where do I start? Just let me mention, as one of many, Ardbeg Alligator - extinct now, but they should endeavor to bring it back.

    The Aberlour A'bunadh can't be wrong, and Talisker Storm ... but there are so many ... Glenmorangie Finealta (also extinct) or Ealanta ...