Friday, May 31, 2013

Via Protein Wisdom, another dispatch from the sad land of California, where the progressive ruling elites plunder the working classes and attempt to hold back the march of progress.

Do you think that the goal of the progressives is anything other than the impoverishment of as many people as possible?  So that they can dole out the meager wealth that remains after they tax the land like locusts?  They say it themselves, in unguarded moments.

From the article:

"If fracking can take off in California as it has in North Dakota recently, the state could experience an oil surge that could make the Golden State the largest oil producer in the US, almost immediately.
“If nothing is done, large parts of our state could be transformed into industrialized oil and gas zones … as we’ve seen in other places like Pennsylvania and North Dakota,” says Kassie Siegel, a lawyer for the feisty Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). “Fracking the 15 billion barrels of oil in the Monterey shale is like lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb that would shatter California’s efforts to address the climate crisis. Given California’s leadership in addressing climate change, if we can’t stop a fracking boom in California, it’s difficult to see how we get our nation off of fossil fuels.”
There you have it. All the “ZOMG we must study this scientifically! Won’t you think of teh childrens!” is cover for halting all production of oil and natural gas.
Anemic CA Republicans are attempting to block these bills where they can, but the feudalist Dems, who look down the road we are now on — where the monied elites live in coastal splendor, serviced by an underclass confined to dense ghettos merely a bus-ride away inland — and refuse to let anything stand in the way."

Fracking is the new way to easily create prosperity and wealth, both through the extraction of valuable resources, and the lowering of the cost of virtually everything through the lowering of the cost of energy.  But that the progressives cannot have, as it would transfer wealth and thus power to the dirty and ignorant hands of the people.  Then the people themselves could make up their minds on what to do with it, and that would be entirely intolerable.  Only the elites, the best people, the progressives, should be allowed to make such decisions, and they, like all oppressors through history, will do whatever it takes to protect their power. 

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