Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the way to delivering the youngest daughter to work today, the wife and daughter followed this old Ford jalopy, which was in fact on it's way to where the daughter works.  They both got there at the same time, and the jalopy drivers were delivering their dogs to the groomer (which is what the youngest daughter does in the summer).  Pretty cool someone has kept it running and in such good shape.  I love the wood bed.


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  2. From October 1908 through May 1927 Henry Ford built 15,000,000 of those Model T's. That's fifteen million! At one point 50% of the cars on the planet Earth were Model T's. I've seen estimations that about 100,000 of these guys are still operational. It's an amazing machine. You owe it to yourself to drive one.

    1. Those are some amazing statistics. Imagine, half of all the world's rolling stock were Model T's! I'd probably have bone up on the rules for making one of these beauties roll.