Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is just a pathetic statistic.

In Democratic run Illinois, 15.7% of the population is on food stamps.  15.7%!

When will people come to their senses?  It's clear that progressivism begins in the urban hell holes, and then corrupts eventually the entire polity with it's immorality, encouraging victimhood, dependency and lethargy, and leaving us with these kind of statistics to shame us all.

Illinois is a big,  industrial state, with vast manufacturing, agricultural and human resources.  There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of problem, for this entire chunk of the population to be reduced to becoming helpless wards of the state.

It would only require the release of the natural energy and resourcefulness of Americans to solve this problem, but that will never happen, as it is in the interest of the Progressives to create a dependent class whose votes they can buy with the wealth taken from other Americans.

One day this will stop.  I hope that day is soon.

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