Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From the beginning of the radicalization of the Democratic Party, and it's jihad against American institutions and values, I have noticed the destruction of popular trust in the government. This Wall Street Journal article points out the same.

"Democracy is in peril: That is an emerging theme of the liberal left's response to the Obama scandals. The argument misses the point, no doubt deliberately. What we are witnessing now is not a crisis of democracy but a crisis of authority. The administrative state, in thrall to a decadent cultural elite, has lost the consent of the governed."

This latest scandal involving the politicization of the IRS, a government entity that all Americans must interact with in one way or another, definitely brings the problem home to most if not all Americans.

   "And the IRS scandal was a subversion of democracy on a massive scale. The most fearsome and coercive arm of the administrative state embarked on a systematic effort to suppress citizen dissent against the party in power. Thomas Friedman is famous for musing that he wishes America could be China for a day. It turns out we've been China for a while."

Another institution, although not governmental, has been corrupted as well over the last decade or so, and this corruption has been clearly seen by perhaps 50% of the people.  Yet again, another trusted national institution has lost it's credibility with a large percentage of the populace.

   "Liberal media bias is an old complaint, but the Obama presidency has given it a new and dangerous form. Never has the prevailing bias of the media been so closely aligned with the ideological aims and political interests of the party in power. The American media remain free and independent, or you would not be reading this column. But to a large extent they have functioned for the past few years as if they were under state control."

I won't even bother to mention all the other scandals that each by themselves would have severely damaged any Republican administration.  Oh I will mention them: Benghazi, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the war against gun ownership, etc.

Such things destroy, bit by bit, the legitimacy of the ruling class, and once that legitimacy is gone in a majority of the population, the stability of the country will be at severe risk.  I see that right on the horizon, and this administration and the elites standing behind it are doing nothing at all to repair the damage.

Hold on for a bumpy ride.

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