Friday, May 17, 2013

The Diplomad has a post up that is a must read on the sudden burst of scandal that has overwhelmed the administration.

   "These scandals have a root that goes much deeper and will prove more difficult to kill than just trimming the size of government a bit. They are products of the arrogant liberal orthodoxy  that rules almost unchallenged within our government, universities, media, and Hollywood. There is an unspoken assumption in these corridors of influence and power that it's the liberal way or the highway. I just came from spending a few days at a major university and was stunned--yet again--by the complete lack of ideological debate, by the denigration of anybody who thinks even remotely different from the prevailing liberal wisdom. There is no diversity of thought, no humility in expressing views, no consideration given that maybe the other side has a valid point. It is, therefore, no surprise that IRS bureaucrats should unquestioningly carry out instructions to give special scrutiny to "Tea Party" groups, or that the State Department spokeswoman should worry about the Republicans in Congress using the truth to criticize the administration, and arguing for the truth to be altered.

Obama is the poster child of this liberal orthodoxy. He is a man of no notable achievement, almost invisible until he became president, but a man who complied and complies with the rules of the orthodoxy more so than any other president or politician we ever have seen. One sees it in his barely contained anger on being questioned or challenged; in his dismissive and condescending attitude towards opponents; the ease and confidence with which he rewrites his own biography and even the most recent events to fit in with the world view of the orthodoxy."

Exactly correct, in my opinion.

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