Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Iranian woman chess grandmaster banned by Iran over hijab switches to US team.

Muslim troglodytes strike again.

Yeah, she's not wearing a hijab.  Kill, kill, kill!

Dorsa left Tehran and moved to Barcelona in 2015 after she received an invitation by a chess club that also supported her studies, according to ISNA.
She was awarded the titles Woman Grandmaster and International Master by the World Chess Federation in 2016.
At the February competition in Gibraltar, her brother Borna Derakhshani, also a chess player, was paired up by a computer against Israeli grandmaster Alexander Huzman. Pahlevanzadeh later announced that Borna was banned from playing for Iran, and that Dorsa was also banned for not wearing the hijab at that competition.

Welcome to freedom, Derakhshanis.


  1. Any chance of Chess Queens with freckles in our future viewing?

    Barcelona's offering to support her studies is proof they've got their heads straight on.

  2. Check !... and Mate !

  3. The only way the west will win is to convince these women to throw off their shackles.

  4. It is fitting that this lovely woman is a Grandmaster, after all her country invented chess. (Persia)