Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) held a raucous town hall event last week at Stephen M. White School in Carson, California. What happened next is sweet justice for these Democrat swine.

Want to hire people to start fights at Trump's rallies?  Want to steal debate questions and give them to Hillary?  Want to cheat and lie to keep Bernie from winning the primaries?  Then don't complain when others treat you like the scum you are.

It's not necessary to watch it all.  The festivities begin immediately when almost the first thing out of Nanette's mouth is a slander of Trump.

Back in the old days, say, a year ago, I would have been against this kind of behavior.  However, due to the behavior of the left, and their often violent attempts to damage the first and second amendment rights of their fellow citizens, I think they need a taste of their own medicine.   Maybe when they have to pay a price for their antics will they once again agree that mutual respect and equal treatment under the law will be necessary.

Politicians like Ms. Barragan want to stand on top of a mountain of political violence and lawlessness, and act as if they are above it all.  Not gonna happen any more.

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