Monday, November 22, 2021

Or not



  1. Baldwin didn't just get hisself a slice of Shadenfreude pie, he ate the whole thing.

    Recipe here:

  2. Waiting for the indictment.
    Or is it Haley's Comet?

    1. Not happening.
      An actor is NOT responsible for the condition of a prop gun he is handed for a scene. There is someone whose job is to prepare them for filming duty, and in this case, that armorer is in big trouble. Actors are forbidden to do anything with a prop gun that is not specifically stated in the script, partly to avoid potential problems. Bear in mind, actors as a group are typically anti-gun, and most only have the little experience they get from filming.

      The only avenue against him would be if he employed the gun in an obviously non-scripted manner. It was supposed to be a practice run through of the scene, so they could see what it would look like from the camera's view, from what I've read so far.

      The only way Baldwin can be in any potential trouble is in his other title, as a producer, if he had any control over the crew as part of it. In that area, he may have some lawsuits over the death and injury results.

      Historically, actors get hurt by revolvers, as those props quite often are real, functional guns, whereas autos are typically modified to fire blanks, which normally negates the ability to launch bullets.

      I suspect that the downturn in homegrown movies and tv shows that would employ guns had an effect on this production, as most armorers would be working elsewhere, like Canada, since L A County chased the movie gun rental companies out of business in CA back in the late 90's.