Saturday, November 20, 2021

Moose are huge



  1. Yessiree....My wife and I were living in Alaska and visited Anchorage for a weekend. We wanted to take a walk in a park and as soon as we left our car and walked about 50 feet this moose came out of the woods and my wife said Hey, they aren't so big. It was about the size of a horse. She no sooner got the word big out of her mouth and here comes the mother! The first one was a calf. We were lucky that other people were coming the opposite way on the trail and the mother just kept going with the calf and left us alone.

    1. Speaking of Anchorage. I was in the airport there in 1980 and they had a display with mounts (diorama type) of all the largest wild animals taken in alaska. Polar bear, black bear, moose, geese, etc., musta been 40 animals all. And all of them were HUGE! The polar bear was standing up and must have been at least 10' tall. An amazing display.

  2. We have apple trees in our backyard, moose would show up in Oct and eat the leftover apples. Every time the moose would then lay down and sleep. Maybe the apples fermented. My rottweiler Sammie would go out there try to roust them, we always had gouges in the yard from the moose horns when the moose was trying to nail our dog. One bull moose was so pissed I was scared he was going to climb the porch steps and come in the house after the dog. We have all sorts of close up pics of moose, they are huge critters, especially when they are 8 feet away from you.

  3. The bulls can get a little out of hand during the rut. I saw one of those critters having his way with an occupied VW bug right outside the main gate to Eielson AFB in 1973. The driver did not appear to be having as much fun as the moose was heh-heh.