Saturday, April 17, 2021

Never seen anything like this



  1. Looks like it would be useful. It is very difficult to pick up or hold an unconscious human being, a length of fire hose or other bulky objects without convenient handles. The old way of doing this was with a 'hose strap'; it was a cast aluminum D handle with a fabric strap and a hook on the end. The strap could be wrapped around a hose, hooked and then pulled. It would also hook around a a pair of wrists or ankles or SCBA straps. It didn't take up much space in a pocket.

  2. I have had tons of tools over the years, but was struggling to see what this one is good for. Sure enough, found it on youtube.

    Now I am wodering if the vehicle used for the glass breaking demo was the Chief's car, or a police cruiser.