Thursday, April 15, 2021

“As much as the Spartan woman routed Argos and Troy with her baneful beauty, to the same degree, Cleopatra contributed to the furor in Italy.”

 Was Cleopatra really good looking?  I've heard that she had a big Greek nose, and that her real charm was her personality and intelligence, but hey, what do I know?

This article says she was.  Arguing for that being somewhat true is that she seems to have effortlessly seduced both Caesar and Mark Anthony (who, judging from his coin portraits, had quite the hatchet of a nose himself).

Here are coins minted with her portrait, and they all seem to have the same general appearance.


  1. I have known girls who were not that attractive, and drove men wild

    what they all had in common: at the moment they made eye contact, they smiled in a way that sent the message that you already got lucky; just don't screw it up. to every guy they made eye contact with. so, ten guys in the same bar at "Hey, bird dog get away from my quail, Hey, bird dog you're on the wrong trail" at the same time.

  2. Well, if you like short, olive-skinned, slightly tubby Greek chicks, well, then Cleo is for you.

    Remember, a tad bit of pudge was a fashionable thing. More cushion for the pushion so to speak.

    She supposedly had very electric eyes and a beautiful voice and was considered a babe at the time.

  3. I liked her portrayal in HBO's "Rome", probably close to the real personality at least. I'm just glad most people here realize she was Greek (Macedonian) and not Egyptian whatsoever, also "Cleopatra" was an extremely common name. Alexander the Great had a sister named Cleopatra 250 years before this one.

  4. It was the hooters.

  5. The vast majority of females looked like hammered bandini prior to the industrial age. Life was HARD and people aged FAST. So it didn't take much
    to be considered a "looker" then compared to now. Our standards for EVERYTHING including beauty have been massively skewed by the relative luxury and ease EVERYONE now enjoys.

  6. I heard it was her oral skills that really drove Mark and Caesar crazy....

    1. Yeah, and I heard she could breath thru her ears.

  7. Followed the link... All the quoted writers lived 100 - 200 years after Cleopatra died.

    You'd want an eyewitness b account from someone who actually saw her.

  8. See?

    Proof, once again, that those Susan B. Anthony coins are unwanted since forever.