Friday, September 14, 2018

The Internet. Just found out what "Rickrolling" means.

Follow this link to find out too.

Even worse, the ad for the new outrageously expensive iPhone just came on, and I watched the whole thing, and was not even tempted to click the "skip now" button.  My Lord, how far I've fallen.


  1. God gawd... and $900 for that idiot phone, the emp strike can't happen soon enough. I will never use an idiot phone, no more flip phones, I will go back to precell phone era and probably be much happier.

  2. They're very proud of those new phones.

    1. And their marketing is very well done. I watched it all. Almost involuntarily.

  3. You just found out? And I thought I was culturally disconnected.

    I broke down 18 months ago and purchased a smart phone-fucking hate but I was doing work in Ft Worth and I absolutely needed google maps to get around DFW. Well I'm back home and in 6 months when this contract is up, it's back to a flip. I hear how people have their lives on these phones and that's so far from where I'm at, I can't imagine that.

  4. Rick?: Appears to me like he's the product of Justin Bieber's seed meeting Taylor's Swift's ovary.