Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More great photos posted by the genius's at the Obama campaign headquarters.

I also like the proud and self satisfied smiles on all these clowns as they publically display their bad grammer or their inability to write a short, coherent statement in support of their man.

This gal is either expressing her hidden hatred for Obama, or someone should tell her not to use that particular finger to hold the sign.

                                            Is that a dead body on the chair behind her??!

What, pray tell, is so hard about basic grammer?  "His the best?"  Lady, what would your first grade teacher say about this?

                                                The Hawaiian prince Valiant is in!  Aloha!

This guy is a Republican spy, planted deep in order to discredit the reputation for intelligence among Obama voters.  Must be. Otherwise, keep him far away from power tools and sharp objects.

What?   Really, what is trying to be communicated right here?  What about "minor" owned small businesses?  I bet this gal is just a ball of fire with a spread sheet.


  1. Another group of rocket surgeons. What do you bet Prince Valiant's real name is Chester, Chester the molester?

  2. Look where he has his hand! Ewww!