Sunday, February 19, 2012

This morning the 16 year old and I decided to get up early and do a photography expedition.  I had an idea of a route to take through the Delta country, so we were mounted up and on the way by 7:30.

First up was the bridge over Potato Slough out in San Joaquin County.  The guys in the boat were in full camo and on the way out to do some duck or goose hunting.  Check out how much higher the water level in the slough is above the surrounding farmland.  The flood threat out there is very real.

Nearby was an old rural store that I'd seen numerous times on my travels through the Delta, and this time the manboy and I stopped. What a quirky piece of Americana that place is.  Too bad it wasn't open, cause I'm sure it is just as interesting on the inside.

Deep out in the Delta, there is the little burg of Isleton.  Since the area is veined with large rivers and sloughs, fishing is naturally big entertainment, and in Isleton, you go to Bob's bait for gear and the latest news. He is, after all, the "Master Baiter."  Yuckity yuk yuk!

   Classic wheels and street scene in town.  That Chevy is really nice. I'd certainly drive that bad boy.

Since the boy and I got on the road early, it got to be time for breakfast, and we decided to try Isleton Joe's, a local bar and cafe.  And does that sign out front say "crawdads?"

Here the kid is inside waiting for the food.  Nice classic bar in the background, and the gravely voiced gal who was the bartender was also our waitress.  As most good bartenders are, she had plenty of personality.

While we were waiting we put together a small town diner still life on the table.

The 16 year old had a California omelette, and it was super good.

 I got the crawdad omelette, since I don't think you could find something like that anywhere else.  One of the joys of this kind of adventure is the discovery of these types of places.  Makes getting up early totally worth it.

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