Monday, February 27, 2012

Perhaps believing that their liberal pedigree immunized them from criticism, the Ben and Jerry's ice cream company has stepped in it big time as a result of this special flavor honoring New England basketball sensation Jeremy Lin:

It has lychee nut flavored swirls and bits of fortune cookie.  This was found to be horribly insulting to Asian people, by grievance mongering thin skinned clowns everywhere.   And just like their hero president, both Ben and Jerry immediately erred by offering a groveling apology.

Holy smokes, people, just tell the critics to get a life, and go forward.  Apparently the flavor has sold out, so it is a clear sales success, meaning Ben and Jerry should have grown a pair and told the nannies to stuff it.  The folks who bought it obviously didn't see a problem.

My favorite flavor, however, will always be this:

But I send this flavor to people I really "like."

Or, this flavor to my favorite politician.

And I'd buy this if it was a real flavor.

And finally, this is the famous flavor the company really did release to the public!!

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