Wednesday, February 29, 2012

According to this Daily Mail article, these tourists had a closer than expected encounter with a grizzly in Alaska.
The article didn't allow embedding the video, so follow the link above, but suffice it to say here that these people dodged a big hairy bullet.

They don't always stop when they charge like this, and it's up to the bear to decide on that. Not the smartest bunch of people on the planet. 

The smug look on the face of the chick below makes me wish the bear had torn into them, just so the survivors (if there were any) would leave the hospital with more respect for nature.  They act like this is a big zoo trip without the bars.



  1. Yes, I saw the original video article too and had the same thoughts. Had yet to see them expressed. Thanks.
    I only hope no one watches the video and becomes cavalier about bears.
    (I say this as a bowhunter who has had black bear under his treestand, on hind legs, sniffing, and, when on the ground, had one come in and lay down just 25 feet away. I am a little cavalier with the black bear but would never ever allow the same with a brown bear or grizzly.)

  2. It seems that folks who spend their whole lives in an urban environment have this attitude that nature is like a ride at Disneyland, and it is anything but. I was a little too harsh in my comment above, but it irks me to see people do really dangerous stuff like this, and then act like it was all a big thrill. If that bear had really attacked them, the authorities would feel compelled to hunt it down and kill it, so they are really endangering both themselves and the bear itself. They only have eight of their cat lives left after this encounter.