Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some odds and ends from a morning jaunt to the small valley towns of Lockford and Clements, as well as a stop at a forlorn pioneer cemetery.  

First, a fine front porch in the little burg of Lockford.

A reflection in front of the liquor store.

This is the Clements Bait, Tackle, Deli and Thrift store in the even smaller town of Clements.   It is where you go in Clements if you need bait, tackle, food, or someone else's junk.

Below is an interesting study of fence work we noticed on our way through Lockford.

There was a lonely and tiny pioneer cemetery we happened across, but unfortunately most of the headstones had disappeared, with one monumental exception.  The spire stone above and farther below memorializes a fellow from Ireland who was killed at age 27 by the fall of a steep riverbank during the gold rush.  This fellow, James Sheran, must have had a lot of friends, as he had an epic tombstone put up in 1851, which still stands today to tell us of his untimely demise in what was then a wild and untamed California.

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