Monday, October 31, 2011

What an impressive collection of Indian spear and ceremonial points, found in West Texas.  That white one in the middle, well, that bad boy looks like it would go clean through you if pushed by a determined Apache!

Realistically, however, these could be from multiple ancient peoples, and their manufacture separated by thousands of years.  Imagine the stories they could tell.  Some might have been passed down through generations, for hundreds, or perhaps if we like, for thousands of years before being lost in battle, snowstorm or some other mishap.  To our great misfortune their stories are forever lost in the mists of history, and we will never know their tale.  

I don't know the guy who posted this on the net, but I do know my late uncle would frequently find arrow heads after plowing on his farm in the Treasure Valley of Idaho.  Another person I met once found a spear point like one of these while deer hunting near Sonora Pass.  It was just lying on the ground in plain sight and on no particularly notable spot, as if it had simply been absent mindedly dropped there one day.  This collection below, however, is just exceptional.

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