Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am coming around to the opinion that Wikileaks publishing all sorts of otherwise classified information is on balance a good thing.

The latest shocker, for me anyway, is the revelation that after his election, Obama wanted to go to Hiroshima and publically apologize to the Japanese for nuking them into surrender.  This is the same trip where he bowed low to the Emperor of Japan, a first for any democratically elected president.  The only thing that stopped his apology were the Japanese themselves, who told him in no uncertain terms how bad of an idea it really was.

As one of the commenters put it, Obama is simply pig ignorant to think this is something that needed to be done..  In fact, the commenters there make many good points, and are as valuable to read as the article itself. 

As for our supposed president, he deserves nothing more than a full and complete re-education in the reality of what went on durning those years, after a good, swift kick in the hind end.  Pig ignorant indeed!

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