Sunday, October 30, 2011

The family took advantage of the fine weather and went up to Sorensen's resort this weekend.  The aspen groves are nearing the end of their display for the fall, although still a wonderful sight.  In two weeks, even without a storm, the performance will be over, however.   The water shots below are of the Carson River as it rushes down it's canyon towards the desert.   

In addition to the aspens, we visited Leviathan Peak lookout, Bodie State Park and JT's Bar and Restaurant in Gardnerville for a feast of Basque food.  

The fifteen year old enjoys the view from the lookout on Leviathan Peak, where the view is so broad that the curvature of the earth would be easily discernible if not for the rugged mountainous landscape.

I personally love the sagebrush country at this time of the year, as it is full of subtle colors and textures.

This bird at Bodie was irritated at our attention and took flight for a less public place to perch.  


   Alas, the kids have all grown to the place where they are all taller than their mom.

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