Monday, October 17, 2011

Last weekend was the yearly trip out to Lake Tahoe and Nevada for the boys, affectionately known as "Scratch and Spit."  The eastern Sierra and Tahoe area have had a couple of good solid storms, but now we are in a classic indian summer. Perfect weather for a drive into the Nevada desert.

Here is a view from the site of our powder burn, where the Bodie road comes out of the canyon onto the flats.  In the distance are the Wassuk mountains and Lucky Boy Pass, and far beyond those lie Walker Lake and the desert town of Hawthorne.

Below we travel south on 395, towards Bridgeport, California.  Even with the fine weather, there is a good foundation of snow on the high country.

Once the gold ran out, the town of Bodie dried up but didn't blow away.  Now it is a state park where the rangers attempt to hold it in a state of arrested decay.

From Bridgeport, the Sierras rise up directly to the crest, making a very dramatic view.  Much of that snow up there never melts, and the stones under that white stuff haven't seen the sun since before the last ice age.

Below our convoy descends the Bodie canyon.  A beautiful if austere country, especially at this time of year.  A fine time for all, and a great way to bring the summer to an end.


  1. That looks like a wonderful expedition! It's a good thing you always have an IH Scout to blaze the trail for you!

  2. Oh yeah, that old black Dodge would just wander off into the sage and high center without that Scout to keep us on the road.