Monday, June 11, 2018

Your good news of the day: Food Stamp Households Drop Below 20 Million for First Time Since 2010

The USDA notes that not only is the number of households receiving food stamps at a record low level, but the number of people enrolled in food stamps has also gone down. From January to February of this year alone, overall food stamp enrollment dropped from 40,640,170 to 40,032,131.
The downward trend in enrollment has only continued over President Trump’s first year in office, keeping on pace with the stable decline in SNAP participation since 2013.
Under Trump, 2.2 million fewer people have discontinued their participation in SNAP, mainly due to the Trump administration’s attempts to reform the food stamp program by keeping the program’s cost down at the state and federal levels.


  1. All this means, according to the looney left, is that the eeevvviiilll Trump has thrown widows and orphans out into the streets to starve!