Wednesday, June 6, 2018



  1. Or in other words, the conundrum of political correctness is "Who's the biggest victim here, and who gets to decide that?"

    I advanced that argument almost 40 years ago to acquaintances in Berkeley, where I found myself through no fault of my own. The response was almost universally, "Rob's a bigot. Stay away from him."

    1. Ad hominem name calling like that means you won the argument.

  2. Rob, luckily you made it out of UC-B with your mind intact. good for you!
    so many young grads today believe that liberal arts degree is going to get them employed and allow them to "make a difference". the reality is that the basement at in mom and pops home is cool in the summer. Having now retires from industry, i can now say being PC is a losing proposition in business. being PC in the office will get you stabbed in the back at every opportunity by the cutthroat up and comers willing to do what they feel they must to get a head. usually some one else,s and from the neck up. Of course, that has always been the problem with being a leader of undisciplined ferrets who are out for other peoples blood or money.